Terms & Conditions

Full payment is to be made at the time of a one-time purchase or yearly subscription, which applies to both digital as well as hard-print versions of all magazines.

Current rates are subjected to change as per the management’s discretion.

Periods of subscription may be 1 year. Payments are non-refundable for a breaking period.

Items are usually shipped via regular postal service. No additional charges are made for regular postal service.

In case of express delivery, items are delivered via courier, within India and overseas. There are additional charges for this facility.

Shipping is available only for hard-print versions of magazines, and is available to customers in India and overseas.

Copies once purchased are non-returnable.

We will accept only Foreign Currencies for the International Market and Indian Currencies for the Domestic Market.

All terms are subject to Kolkata jurisdiction.

Refund Policy: 

Cancellation within 24 hours and Full Refund will be made.