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Metal Asia

Iron & Steel Review –http://www.isrinfomedia.com/

Metal Asia - A global monthly journal accounting profusely to non-ferrous metal industries such as aluminum, zinc, copper, nickel, tin, brass as well as the casting sector. The journal offers series of varied data, top news stories, interviews of top industry personnel and in-depth analysis of market dynamics and corporate houses, new technology and its advancements, products and their developments and processes reviews. 

Every issue includes the following list of contents ; 

Viewpoint  –  A preface containing the editor’s note.

Special Coverage – A write-up covering exclusive articles along with interviews of any major non-ferrous metal company.

National Trends – News reports from India.

International Trends - News reports from around the world.

In Focus – A focused feature on any particular area of a non-ferrous industry.

Company News – A company overview on its operation and work-fronts. 

Company Profile – A profile on overall operations of a selected metal company.

Market & Product - Features new launched products in the industry.

Technology Focus –  Features emerging technology of a selected leading steel company.

Refractory –  Features refractory technicalities of a selected company.

Casting Technology – Report on any new and advanced casting operations. 

Event Reports  – Covers pre and post-show reports of any conference/exhibition held in India or around the world.

Events Calendar – An update for our readers about forthcoming national/global events, to plan ahead and make note of dates.

Statistics – Quantified data on steel prices, consumption, demand scale and market data, nationally/globally.