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Iron and Steel Review

Iron & Steel Review –http://www.isrinfomedia.com/

Iron & Steel Review – A global monthly magazine on ferrous metals and heavy engineering sector, brings all about iron, steel and related sectors to your fingertips. The journal carves niche for itself providing a wide range of data, with respect to the key industry players and emerging businesses, covering - statistical and top news stories, interviews of industry top brass, information and in-depth analysis of market dynamics and corporate houses, new technology and its advancements, products and their developments and processes reviews. 

Every issue includes the following list of contents ; 

Viewpoint  – The editor’s note preface.

Cover Story – An exclusive feature with a story and interview of a selected, leading steel company

National Trends – News reports from India.

Global Trends - News reports from around the world.

Focus – A focused feature on any particular area of the metal industry.

Company News – A company overview on its operation and work-fronts. 

Company Profile – A profile on overall operations of a selected metal company.

Market & Product - Features new launched products in the industry.

Steel Technology – Features emerging technology of a selected leading steel company.

Steel Market – An overview and current trends in the market with regard to the steel industry.

Coal & Ore – An overview of the coal industry.

Pelletization & Beneficiation – A feature on pelletization/beneficiation in the industry.

Refractory Our August issues are dedicated to the refractory industries, with special articles and interview to look out for .

Event Reports  – Covers pre and post-show reports of any conference/exhibition held in India or around the world.

Upcoming Events – An update for our readers about forthcoming national/global events, to plan ahead and make note of dates.

Statistics – Quantified data on steel prices, consumption, demand scale and market data, nationally/globally.