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Iron & Steel Review

November 2019

Industry 4.0 or I4.0 is the latest trend in the manufacturing sector. Digitalisation along with numerous other elements of I4.0, lead to Smart manufacturing in a Smart factory. The October edition of Iron & Steel Review focuses on the impact of I4.0 in steelmaking and selects the world’s topmost technology providers, providing groundbreaking technologies to prominent steelmakers.

News updates and latest developments from the steel industry in India and abroad, keep the readers abreast. What’s more, the October issue has a good number of scholarly articles on Mining, Blast Furnace, and Refractory from the leading experts of the industry, sharing their knowledge with the readers.

India’s steel industry for August 2019 has been discussed elaborately in this issue. 

Leading suppliers of technology to the steel industry have come up with some marvelous innovations. Iron & Steel Review’s October edition shares them with the readers.     

A couple of pre-show reports on forthcoming events along with a post-show report on IRMA’s 6th AGM keep the readers updated.

In the end, upcoming business events & exhibitions of the metals industry followed by steel industry statistics from worldsteel and Joint Plant Committee, provide some invaluable information to the readers.                  

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