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NALCO - A Versatile Corporate Entity

National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO) is a Navratna PSU under Ministry of Mines, Government of India. NALCO is Asia’s largest integrated aluminium complex and embraces a wide range of operations like bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminium smelting & casting, power generation, and rail & port operations. Commissioned in the year 1981, the company, today, is a leading global entity in production and export of alumina and aluminium, striding the path of self-sustained growth. NALCO enjoys Premier Trading House status and is the first aluminium company in India to be registered with London Metal Exchange for its world class quality products. NALCO’s foundation in technical collaboration with Aluminium Pechiney of France (now Rio Tinto – Alcan) is considered to be the turning point in the history of Indian Aluminium Industry. Today, the company is a group ‘A’ CPSE with an outstanding sales turnover of Rs. 7157 crore in the financial year 2015-16 and has emerged as the second highest foreign exchange earning CPSEs of the country. With its new business model with effective Corporate Strategy, NALCO aims for maximizing production and raising productivity of its employees and assets.


NALCO’s diversified business operations are carried out in its different high-tech business units:

Bauxite mines – A 68.25 lakh TPA capacity and entirely automated opencast mine (16 Sq. Km) on Panchpatmali hills of Koraput district in Odisha, supplies raw material to the Alumina Refinery at Damanjodi. The State government has granted Potangi bauxite reserve to NALCO. The Potangi mines have 75.22 Million Tonnes of bauxite deposit covering an area of 1738 hectares.

Coal mine – NALCO has been allotted Utkal-D & E coal blocks, near its Captive Power Plant in Angul district in Odisha. The blocks have a reserve of more than 200 Million Tonnes of

Alumina Refinery – The Alumina Refinery of NALCO, located in the Damanjodi valley in Koraput district, Odisha, has a capacity of 22.75 lakh TPA and provides alumina to its Aluminium Smelter at Angul, Odisha. Alumina is also transported to Vizag Port in Andhra Pradesh. The excess alumina is exported to the overseas markets. Energy-efficiency is practiced in the refinery for its operations. Furthermore, around 4x18.5 MW power is co-generated by using back pressure turbine in steam generation

Aluminium Smelter – NALCO’s Aluminium Smelter, located in Angul, Odisha, has a capacity of 4.60 lakh TPA and carries out an energy-efficient operation following an avant-garde technology of smelting and pollution control.

Captive Power Plant – Electric power for the smelter at Angul is supplied from the 1200 MW Captive Power Plant of NALCO in Angul. NALCO’s alumina refinery is also provided with approximately 35 MW of the power requirement, through the State Grid. The coal demand is sufficed by a 3.5 million TPA capacity mine at Bharatpur in Talcher. The Captive Power Plant, it is to be noted, is interconnected with the State Grid and conforms to energy-efficient and computerized methods for its operations thoroughly.

Rolled Products Unit – The company’s 50,000 MTPA Rolled Products Unit is integrated with its smelter plant at Angul. The unit manufactures aluminium cold rolled sheets and coils through continuous caster route, based on the advanced technology of FATA Hunter, Italy. The plant also produces chequered sheet (0.60-3.0 mm thick).

Port Facilities – State-of-the-art storage and ship handling facilities have been set up by the company on the northern arm of Visakhapatnam Port’s inner harbour for the purpose of exporting bulk alumina and importing caustic soda.

NALCO’s manufacturing units and port facilities are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and SA 8000. What’s more, OHSAS 18001 Management Systems and Integrated Management System also operate in these units. The energy intensive units like Smelter, Captive Power Plant and Alumina Refinery are certified to ISO 50001 Standard for energy management system.       

Product Portfolio

NALCO’s superior quality products of global reputation are London Metal Exchange (LME) registered. The products are manufactured under AP (RTA) technology, and are supported by premium customer service. The products are listed below:

  •     Aluminium Metal of high purity with LME, EC and CG:
  • Ingots (Standard/Alloy/T/Sow) – Each Standard Ingot weighs 20/18.5/22.5 KG (approx.); each Sow Ingot weighs 750 KG max.; each T-ingot weighs 650+/- 50 KG; each Alloy Ingot weighs 10 KG
  • Billets – DC cast aluminium Billets of length varying from 400 MM to 5800 MM and diameter from 127 MM to 229 MM
  • Alloy Wire Rods – Available in normal diameter of 9.5/11.95 MM in coil, with a height of 850 MM and weight of 2000 KG (approx.)
  • Flat Rolled Products – Standard Coil with thickness ranging from 0.30 to 3.00 MM, width from 500 to 1600 MM and weight max. 8 MT; Standard Sheet with thickness from 0.30 MM to 3.00 MM, width 500-1600 MM, length from 1000 MM to 4000 MM and stack weight of max. 2 MT
  • Cast Strips
  • Chequered Sheet  
  • Alumina & Hydrate: Calcined Alumina; Alumina Hydrate; Detergent Grade Zeolite
  • Special Products: Speciality Aluminas (Alumina Chemicals); Speciality Hydrates
  • Power: Thermal; Co-generation; Wind; Solar. 

NALCO’s products are of international standard and exported overseas to a large network of buyers in South East Asia, the Far East, CES, the Gulf, and the USA. NALCO is all set to tap newer markets such as East Africa. The company, in fact, is the largest exporter of Calcined Alumina and Primary Aluminium in India. Products such as Aluminium Flat Rolled products, Special Grade Alumina/Hydrate and Zeolite are part of the company’s expanding product portfolio for exports. NALCO enjoys Premier Trading House status, and is the first Indian aluminium company to be registered with London Metal Exchange, for its high standard products. 

Turnover & Profit 

NALCO’s turnover and profit have constantly maintained a progressive trend every fiscal.  NALCO’s bauxite production during FY 2015-16 was reported to be the highest ever, estimating at 63.4 lakh Tonnes, registering a 10 per cent growth. In 2016 alone, the company recorded an 18 per cent growth in its bauxite output, not only the highest since its commissioning, but also a record in the mining industry. Similarly, the company’s production of alumina hydrate during FY’16, has been 19.53 lakh Tonnes, a growth of 6 per cent from the previous fiscal and once again, the highest ever, since its inception. NALCO’s alumina refinery, on the words of the Wood Mackenzie Report, has acquired number one position among the lowest-cost alumina producers. The company’s aluminium smelter at Angul, recorded cast metal production of 3.72 lakh Tonnes in FY’16, showing a 14 per cent growth over the previous fiscal. Total power generation from NALCO’s CPP at Angul during FY’16 was reported to be 5841 MU, rising by 14 per cent from the previous fiscal.  The company’s wind power and rooftop solar power generation in FY’16 were reported to be 156 MU and 0.19 MU, respectively. Net profit posted by NALCO in FY 2015-16 was Rs. 731 crore despite a sluggish market and the gross turnover has been Rs. 7157 crore. 

NALCO has reported a net profit of Rs. 400 crore in the first nine months of FY’17 and net sales turnover of Rs. 5071 crore (rising over previous year’s figure). The best part is that NALCO has come up with profits in all the three quarters of FY 2016-17 in spite of the global slowdown in the aluminium industry and amidst many companies reporting loss. Again, the company achieved growth in production in all the sectors during these nine months – 53.23 lakh Tonnes of bauxite production, 15.27 lakh Tonnes of alumina hydrate output, 2.86 lakh Tonnes of metal production, 4494 Million Units of net power, and 164 Million Units of wind power generation. For FY 2016-17, the company has set higher targets both – financial, as well as non-financial. To achieve this target, the company has signed an MoU with the Ministry of Mines, the Government of India. NALCO targeted for a rise in production capacity to over 73 lakh Tonnes in FY’17.

Research & Development 

With its remarkable innovations, NALCO has carved out a distinct position for itself in the sector of research and development(R&D) of India’s aluminium industry.         

The R&D department of NALCO is an outcome of the enormous effort and innovations put into force by the company’s scientists and researchers. In collaboration with various organizations like M/s Green Energy Resources, Odisha; Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development and Design Centre (JNARDC), Nagpur; Rio Tinto Alcan; Chalieco, etc. the R&D department of NALCO has come up with some remarkable and radical environment-friendly technologies. Some of the recent ones are:                                      

  • For the first time in the world, the radical nano-based Emrion technology for deflouridation has been applied at NALCO’s Angul facility for recovering fluoride contamination. The results have been so highly satisfying that the company is all set to apply this technology in the endemic fluoride contaminated areas for the benefit of the common people.                
  • The company has set up its new Research and Technology Centre, NALCO Research and Technology Centre (NRTC) at Gothapatana in Bhubaneswar. NALCO R&D centre has already registered 29 patents out of which 5 have been commercialized.                             
  • The company has gone for many avant-garde initiatives in R&D in the areas of waste utilization, productivity maximization, reduction of specific consumption, development of new products and alloys, and other major research areas. For instance, the company has entered into an R&D Co-operation Agreement with Rio Tinto Alcan for developing AP2XN technology in order to minimize energy consumption by about 5 per cent. Again, NALCO has signed an R&D agreement with Chalieco, China for separating iron concentrate from Red Mud. An MoU that has been signed with Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai, will work on R&D projects for recovering gallium from Bayer’s liquor, extracting rare earths from red mud and other areas of mutual interest.                         

Modernization & Expansion 

Several Greenfield and Brownfield projects are being planned or underway by NALCO. The aluminium giant, in fact, will be investing a huge amount of money in several ambitious projects in the country and abroad, apart from expanding and diversifying into power and mining sectors. Some of the major projects planned by NALCO are:

  • Alumina Refinery Project in Gujarat: NALCO is in the process of setting up a 1 MTPA Alumina Refinery in Kutch district of Gujarat in JV, based on bauxite supply from GMDC’s mines. This would be the company’s Greenfield project.
  • Alumina Refinery at Damanjodi: NALCO will expand its Damanjodi Alumina Refinery. This Brownfield expansion is going to add a fifth stream of 1 Million Tonne incremental capacity to the refinery with current nameplate capacity of 2.275 million tonne per annum. Rs. 5,600 crore has been invested for this expansion.
  • 2nd Smelter and CPP in Odisha: A 0.5 MTPA Aluminium Smelter & 1050 MW Power Complex – a Greenfield project – will be set up at Sundargarh, Odisha.
  • Overseas Smelter: NALCO aspires to set up 1 MTPA Aluminium Smelter in Iran along with an associated Power Plant worth as much as $2.6 billion. Besides, the company also wishes to set up Smelters in Oman and Indonesia.    
  • Caustic Soda Plant: NALCO, in JV with Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited (GACL), will be setting up a Caustic Soda Plant worth Rs. 1800 crore at Dahej in Gujarat. The foundation-stone for the plant has already been laid. The company, GACL-NALCO Alkalies & Chemicals Private Limited, will be producing 2.7 lakh Tonne of caustic soda per annum.
  • Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Conductor Plant: NALCO looks forward to commencing 55,000 TPA Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy Conductors in JV with PGCIL.
  • Wind Power Projects: NALCO is looking forward to doubling its wind power generation capacity to 200 MW at a suitable location in the nation, with a Rs. 700 crore investment. Besides, a 14 MW wind power project will be set up by the company in the mined out areas of its Damanjodi bauxite mines at an estimated cost of Rs. 82 crore.  
  • Solar Power Projects: The company, in January 2015, had set up a 160 KWp Rooftop Solar Project at its Corporate Office in Bhubaneswar, Odisha at a total project cost of Rs. 1.25 crore. Apart from this, NALCO has also become interested in the installation of Rooftop Solar project of 100 KWp at its township in Nalco Nagar, Bhubaneswar and also plans for similar projects in its units. Besides, the company also looks forward to setting up many more Solar Power Plants at other suitable locations of the country, in order to meet its solar renewable purchase obligation (RPO).  
  • Nuclear Power Plants: NALCO, in a JV with Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd, namely ‘NPCIL-NALCO Power Company Ltd’s (NNPCL), plans for Kakrapara Atomic Power Station (KAPS) 3&4 at Gujarat’s Kakrapara. 

Besides these, NALCO has a chain of projects in line for which it had set a capex target of Rs. 1021 crore for 2016-17 – development of Utkal D & E Coal Blocks; Wind Power Projects of 50 MW each in Maharashtra and Rajasthan; a 20 MW Solar Power Project in Madhya Pradesh, and several other expansions and modernizations.    

  • Coal Tar Distillation Plant: NALCO and NINL (Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited) signed an MoU on 30th January, 2017 to set up a Joint-Venture company, a coal tar distillation plant for producing Coal Tar Pitch.
  • Power Plants: NALCO and NTPC Ltd. have entered into an MoU under which, the companies will set up a Joint Venture, NTPC-NALCO Power Company (NNPC) to set up power plants.
  • Aluminium Smelters: NALCO is planning a Brownfield expansion at its Aluminium Smelter in Angul, with an additional capacity of 5 lakh tonnes per annum, at an estimated CAPEX of Rs.10,000 crore with latest technology.

NALCO is also looking forward to a Greenfield Aluminium Smelter project with a capacity of 6 lakh tonnes per annum in Kamakhyanagar, Odisha at an estimated investment of Rs.12,000 crore with avant-garde technology.

  • Aluminium Park: NALCO will set up an Aluminium Park in Angul, in collaboration with IDCO to support downstream and upstream industries.
  • Titanium Slag Project: NALCO and Indian Rare Earths Limited (IREL) will set up a 1-lakh TPA Titanium Slag Project in Joint Venture, at Chhatrapur in Ganjam district of Odisha, with an investment of Rs.750 crore.
  • Smelter-cum-Gas based Power Plant: With Iranian Mines & Mining Industries Development Renovation Organization (IMIDRO), NALCO has signed an MoU to jointly explore the possibility of setting up an aluminium smelter in Iran. The smelter-cum-gas based power plant, is going to be part of a JV aluminium company to be set up by Nalco in Iran. It will utilize alumina supplied from Nalco’s refinery in India.

NALCO & Sustainability

For NALCO, sustainability and protection of the environment has always been a priority ever since the company came into being. The company has always strived for pollution control and effective Environment Management. NALCO’s technology associate Aluminum Pechiney (AP), France, initiated eco-friendly process technology for the company. The company, in the field of Environment Management, successfully maintains pollution control standards, strictly following approved EMP. Some of the initiatives by NALCO towards sustainability in the following areas are discussed below:

Mines: 15 M wide periphery barrier having green cover around mines; garland drains and drainage control within the mines; dust suppression at source and sprinkling of water; total overburden excavated with top soil used for reclamation and rehabilitation of mined out areas with vegetation cover.

NALCO’s Panchpatmali Bauxite Mines has been awarded with the 5-Star Rating by the Ministry of Mines for its efforts and initiatives in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Framework (SDF) that essentially includes implementation of best practices in mining operations, rehabilitation & reclamation of mined out area, and environment protection, along with the various steps in the areas of healthcare, periphery and skill development.       

The company signed an MoU with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in February 2017 for undertaking various scientific, technological and educational activities in the area of mining rehabilitation, particularly bauxite, and sustainable development.

Alumina Refinery: Highly efficient ESPs at Calciners and Steam Generation Plant; multistage washing of red mud and its storage in specially designed pond; use of dust collectors at handling and transport areas of bauxite, coal, lime and alumina; recycling of wastewater.                      

Smelter: Hooding of pots and adsorption of fluorine gas by dry scrubbing with alumina in Fume Treatment Plant; defluoridation to reduce fluorine level of contaminated surface water; specially designed preservation system for spent potlines.  

Captive Power Plant: Installation of Continuous Blow Down (CBD) heat recovery system and a Pilot-cum-Demonstration Project for Carbon Sequestration by Algae for managing and storing of Carbon Dioxide, all under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM); Electro-static precipitators with advanced intelligent controllers and effective stack emission control; efficient burner management to reduce emission of carbon monoxide; ash pond with zero discharge and recycling of wastewater.

Waste utilization:

Red Mud – Fiber-reinforced polymer composition (door and window panels, tiles and sheets, etc.) successfully developed; soil conditioners/fertilizers synthesized in lab scale; ferrite cement developed in lab scale.      

Fly Ash – Extraction of beta alumina carried out in lab scale; fly ash brick/blocks, granite tiles and ceramic products have been developed; expansion of ash pond dykes using huge quantity of fly ash; experimental use of fly ash in plantation and agricultural field, demonstrating better yield; exploring the possibility of back filling of abandoned coal mines by fly ash; biotechnological application of microbes for fly ash amelioration and their utilization in agriculture and wasteland development.

Unconventional and renewable energy projects: NALCO’s foray into non-conventional and renewable energy segments has marked it as one of the leading green energy players in the country.

Wind Power Projects – The company’s first approach towards wind energy sector was in 2012 when it commissioned its first Wind Power Plant of 50.4 MW capacity (2.1 MW, 24 nos. WEGs), in Gandikota, Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh investing Rs. 274 crore. Soon after that, the company commissioned its second Wind Power Plant in January 2014 at Ludarva in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. This project was worth Rs. 283 crore and the plant has a capacity of 47.6 MW (0.85 MW, 56 nos. WEGs). Both the plants are operational.

Solar Power Projects – NALCO had set up a grid connected 260 KWp Rooftop Solar Power Plant (PV system) at its Corporate Office and NALCO Township in Bhubaneswar in 2014.

In 2016, NALCO chose to install solar electrification systems in 163 periphery villages in Damanjodi, which is essentially tribal dominated. This is a 9-crore project which will be executed through NALCO Foundation. Already 30 solar street lights in 2 villages have been installed as a pilot project.

A Responsible Corporate Citizen

A true corporate achiever is one who identifies itself with the social and economic development of the region it operates in, apart from its financial performance. NALCO, from its inception, has seriously looked into the well-being and betterment of the communities residing in the vicinity of its plants and facilities. The company focuses on significant projects in the sectors of health, education, drinking water and other areas of community development. Therefore, NALCO can be called ‘A Responsible Corporate Citizen’. At Damanjodi, Angul and other places of Odisha, the company has committed to taking up CSR by spending Rs. 300 crore.

Health: NALCO has endless contribution in the sector of healthcare. Renovation of public health centers; construction of heatstroke prevention rooms and sub-center buildings; mobile health service and free medicines to periphery villages; free veterinary service to identified villages; assistance during natural calamities, etc. – all these areas have been well considered by the company. It is to be noted here that NALCO went for increasing the number of Mobile Health Units (MHUs) in the periphery villages (43) of its Smelter & Power complex at Angul and Mining & Refinery complex, Damanjodi (142 villages). Besides, the company conduct camps, treating patients free of cost from the periphery villages of Damanjodi and Angul. The company’s contribution in the health segment does not really end here. What’s more, NALCO donated an Ambulatory Operation Theatre Van for animals to Department of Fisheries & Animal Resources Development (FARD), Govt. of Odisha. The company, in association with LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI), is setting up a modern eye hospital at Angul with an initial investment of Rs. 15 crore. The hospital would mainly cater to the economically disadvantaged groups of neighbouring villages.              

In association with Wockhardt Foundation of Mumbai, NALCO is operating 4 mobile health units in Damanjodi sector through NALCO Foundation for the sake of healthcare of the people of 163 periphery villages and adjacent hamlets, free health check-up. What’s more, NALCO has also planned to go for an additional mobile health unit for the 36 periphery villages of Pottangi.  

NALCO’s 60-bedded secondary level care hospital at Angul is looking forward to renovating & upgrading, and installing hi-tech machines. Medical facilities for patients will be improved considerably. NALCO has recently opened an Out Patient Department (OPD) facility at Nalco Nagar, Angul under its Periphery Development Programme, which is going to benefit the villagers of 39 periphery villages.                             

Education: NALCO has undertaken several initiatives in the field of education – construction and renovation of classrooms, water supply systems, toilets and boundary walls for educational institutions; organizing rural sports, literary competitions, science exhibitions and study tours for students of periphery high schools; felicitating meritorious students of peripheral schools; supplying ceiling fans, furniture, science equipments, and library books to peripheral schools. The company has sponsored 655 children of Koraput district for residential education in Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences, Bhubaneswar; KDF Model School, Jeypore; and Bikash Vidyalaya, Koraput. NALCO will sponsor 100 more students from periphery villages of Damanjodi and Pottangi. The company recently launched ‘Nalco ki Ladli’, a scheme at Angul which looks into promoting meritorious girl students from BPL families, under Govt. of India’s ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ programme.         

Water: Drinking water and irrigation, renovation of ponds, canals and other water bodies; digging of wells and tube wells; supplying drinking water through tankers to water-scarce villages during summer – all these are looked well into by NALCO. NALCO renovated the water supply system in 13 villages, through Rural Water Supply & Sanitation (RWS & S) department of the government, spending more than Rs. 10 crore. The company will also be creating four water bodies – two at Girang, one each at Kulad and Kandsar. What’s more, the company has augmented pipe-water supply to Kulad village through RWS & S. As mentioned earlier, NALCO has taken a key initiative to solve out the endemic problem of fluoride contamination of water in Angul by making use of the revolutionary Nano technology. 

Infrastructure: In the segment of infrastructure, NALCO has undertaken construction and renovation of earthen, metal, bituminous and concrete roads. NALCO has also established vital road links from IAPL square to Bentapur and Kaniabeda to Kurdol. Moreover, NALCO will be undertaking different infrastructure development projects in the villages around Damanjodi and Pottangi. In the first phase, the company will implement 49 projects at a cost of Rs. 15.83 crore while in the second phase, 32 projects with an estimated cost of Rs. 24.33 crore. In this context, it should not be missed out that NALCO has taken up initiatives for employment generation of project affected people of the area.

Community Development: NALCO has addressed the problems of rehabilitation of displaced families with adequate compensation, housing and employment; construction of Community Halls; plantation; development of public parks, etc.

Greenery & Beautification Project: NALCO has undertaken several plantation drives and has planted around 6.8 crore saplings around its facilities and sites. So far, about seven million trees have been planted, overall. Furthermore, NALCO has taken the initiative of avenue plantation along the National Highway from Bhubaneswar to Cuttack. The company has also been undertaking various beautification projects throughout Odisha and would like to promote Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, as the next floral hub like Bengaluru and mark it as a green city. NALCO has also undertaken the development of Puri as an Iconic City.         

NALCO & ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign: NALCO has actively enrolled itself in the nationwide cleanliness campaign ‘Swachh Bharat and Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan’ by undertaking several activities at the company’s corporate office, operating units and residential townships. Overall 473 toilets have been constructed in 224 schools of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, with an aim to arrange sanitation facilities.

NALCO Foundation: NALCO Foundation is the outcome of the company’s continuous efforts towards its CSR approach and was set up in 2010. Based on the Guidelines on Corporate Social Responsibility for Central Public Sector Enterprises, issued by the Department of Public Enterprises, Government of India, this standalone Foundation observes the allocation of a certain amount of NALCO’s net profit every year.

A versatile corporate entity

In spite of all the adversities affecting the global aluminium market, NALCO has performed consistently – both, in terms of productivity, as well as profitability. When 70 per cent aluminium companies all over the world reported loss, capacity cuts and decreased production, NALCO came up with high profits. The company successfully handled the market downturn being the lowest cost producer of alumina in the world and also by emphasizing on increased bauxite mining and alumina refining. Through its endless efforts and ground-breaking business model, NALCO has and will considerably boost development and employment generation in Odisha. It is in this context that
Dr. T. K. Chand, CMD, NALCO has stated, “Excellence is a journey, never a destination. Now, the journey of Nalco has begun, which would make the company a truly global player in mining, metal and energy sectors.”  

NALCO performs while maintaining sustainability and focuses on welfare of people and its stakeholders. Therefore, it can be rightly termed as a versatile corporate entity.

Awards & Recognitions

  • NALCO’s Panchpatmali Bauxite Mines in Koraput, Odisha bagged several awards in 2014 & 2015 – 1st prizes in top soil management and afforestation, respectively and 2nd prizes in Reclamation & Rehabilitation and overall performance under the category of fully mechanized mines (except Keonjhar & Sundergarh), respectively. Again, in July 2014, the company’s Panchpatmali Bauxite Mines received the Sita Ram Rungta Social Awareness Award 2013-14 by Federation of Indian Mineral Industries (FIMI). In 2015, the Panchpatmali mines of the company, once again, bagged the prestigious Pollution Control Excellence Award – 2015 for “effective pollution control measures and sound environment management practices”.   
  • The Aluminium Refinery of NALCO bagged the prestigious Business Excellence Star Recognition Award in 2015.
  • NALCO’s Thermal Captive Power Plant has been awarded for ‘proactive climate change’.
  • NALCO bagged the prestigious ‘Performance Excellence Award – 2013 & 2014’ from Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering (IIIE).  
  • NALCO Foundation bagged an award in the category of ‘Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practices – 2013’.
  • NALCO bagged CSR Excellence Award in Gold category for the year 2015.
  • NALCO received the prestigious India Pride Award for the year 2015-16 for CSR, Environment Protection & Conservation.  
  • NALCO’s Captive Power Plant has been certified to the ISO 50001:2011 by M/s Det Norske Veritas (DNV). It is the first CPSE Unit to be certified under Energy Management System.
  • NALCO was awarded the Best Exporter Awards consecutively for the years 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 under the category of metallurgical products.
  • NALCO was awarded the EEPC (Engineering Export Promotion Council, Eastern Region)’s Gold Trophy, as top exporter in the Large Enterprise category, for its outstanding export performance during the year 2013-14. 
  • NALCO received the Highest Export Award for its outstanding export performance in the sector of Minerals and Ores for the year 2013-14 and 2014-15, by Chemical & Allied Products Export Promotion Council (CAPEXIL). 
  • NALCO bagged the ‘Emerging Global Brand Award’ for its continuous efforts to redefine and reaffirm Brand NALCO in the global market.