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Steel Metals & Minerals International October 2012 Issue

Review of Global Steel Technology and Market


Indian Minerals Sector in recent times
Minerals form the backbone of the nation's economy and contribute directly and indirectly to the nation's prosperity. The affluent countries of the world have a rich mineral resource base and an optimal rate of exploitation.


Industrial furnances for the Steel Industry
This heat treatment concept ensures that every single wheel reproducibly passes through the heat treatment process.
Temperature retention times are the same for each wheel. An optimum adjustment for each single wheel can be calculated by means of test series.


A Review and Outlook for Indian Steel
Following the financial meltdown and economic recession since 2nd half of 2008, the world economy has been experiencing a downward trend in growth and trade volume. The full impact of economic recession was observed in 2009 when the world economy posted a negative growth of 0.6%, a rare event in the last two decades.


  • Investment in Steel in India - NMDC's experience
    NMDC Limited is a 'Navratna' Public Sector Undertaking under the Ministry of Steel, Government of India. Primarily engaged in the business of exploring minerals and developing mines to produce raw materials for the industry, NMDC has been carrying out scientic mining of the mineral deposits by mechanised means to ensure optimum exploitation of precious minerals, conservation and expansion of mineral reserves and protection of the environment.
  • Odisha "the ideal destination for metals industry'
    Within a short span of time, Odisha came up as the place to be in and Bhubaneswar, the capital city, suddenly turned out to be a phenomenol place where every corporate honchos wanted to have their foothold-thanks to the land's abundant raw materials, natural resources, long coast line, planty landscapes, eco-friendly environment and well-connected transport accessibility which acted as the feather on the cap. These positive notions wooed the metals industry to lay their footfalls in this State.


  • Development of mineral Based Industries in Odisha
    For the last four decades, it has been my pleasure to have been intimately connected with the development of industries in Odisha. As Odisha has got vast natural resources, the process of industrialisation mainly centres in developing vital industries on its mineral wealth.
  • Advanced Iron Ore Beneficiation Techniques for Sinter & Pellet Feed
    According to Ministry of Steel, Indian crude steel capacity is projected to reach 140 million tonnes by year 2017 and 200 tonnes by 2020. For production of 140 million tonnes of crude steel, the iron ore required would be close to 250 million tonnes.


The next decade of coal is here

from 2011-2020, coal will generate over 100,000 terawatt hours - more electric power than gas produced in the past 50 years and more than nuclear has produced in its existence.

Making IT innovations work for metal and mining industries

CIOs of Metal and Mining industries are at crossroads today. The IT community is abuzz with excitement with the prospects of new innovations like cloud technology, mobility, in-memory computing etc. and the way it is going to impact and change the future of how we use IT in our day to day lives.


  • Indian Metals Sector - An Overview
    In a global manufacturing scenario marked by unpredictable market conditions, intense competition, rising demand for high quality products, and ever-increasing customer expectations on cost reduction, the need for achieving manufacturing excellence is stronger than ever.


New galvanising line coupled with high-speed painting line at Marcegaglia's Ravenna plant, Italy

Innovation solution to obtain flexibility in producing either galvanised and painted material with high-productivity. Advanced protection systems for health and safety of line operators, more environmental friendly solution and overall project cost savings, this plant is the future for steel strip coating lines.


Development of Reaction Sintered Zirconia-mullite Aggregates for Manufacture of slide gate plates

Zirconia-mullite is a well-known refractory raw material for the manufacture of slide plate refractory. In the present study, improved quality high density reaction sintered zirconia-mullite was developed by a novel method.


Eyes on Southeast Asia - Space bookings for indometal 2013 now open!

Messe Dusseldorf Asia's brand new trade fair for the metal and steel industries in Southeast Asia is set to take place in Indonesia from 20 - 23 February 2013 at Jakarta International Expo. The 4 day exhibition is designed as a platform for metal and steel businesses to tap into Indonesia's vast markets.

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