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The iron and steel business has gone global. One cannot simply thrive without a thorough understanding of the ever changing market dynamics of this business. For decades it has been the endeavor of ISR Infomedia Pvt. Ltd, a leading publishing house of globally circulated industrial magazines, to bring all about the iron, steel and related sectors.

Iron & Steel Review

Beyond territories of any nation, the iron and steel business has a global perspective. One cannot simply thrive without a thorough understanding of the ever changing market dynamics of the steel business and it has been the endeavor of Iron & Steel Review, a leading global journal, to bring all about the iron, steel and related sectors, creating an unshakeable niche for itself and providing its readers with the information they needed for the last 50 years.

For easy and quick reference on the iron, steel and related sectors, it is the magazine to flip through.

Incorporated in 1957 from Kolkata, India and widely circulated across all parts of the globe, the journal provides for the key industry players.

•   a wide range of data – statistical and otherwise
•   top news stories
•   interviews of industry top brass
•   information and in-depth analysis of market dynamics and corporate houses
•   new technology and its advancements
•   products and their developments
•   processes reviews

Published monthly the magazine provides a wide range of data – statistical and otherwise, top news stories, information and in-depth analysis of market dynamics, technology, products, processes, key industry players, it’s all there!
Iron & Steel Review can not be found everywhere. But it is there on the desk of the top bosses all over the world and one can also have a glimpse of it on the racks of corporate libraries helping researchers and strategy hunters.
For five decades, the magazine has ably cut a niche for itself having strong subscribers and clients’ base in steel and related fields – not only in India, but across the globe.
Apart from the steel producers, the subscribers include manufacturers and suppliers of raw material, equipment dealers, transporters and traders. As a result, the advertisers in Iron & Steel Review get a wide ranging coverage and global reach which is unparallel as compared to any other in the field.
Prominent Indian names in the mailing list:
SAIL, Tata Steel, Jindal Group, Essar Group, SKF
Foreign MNC clients:
Siemens VAI, Danieli, ABB, Fata Hunter, Morgan, Paul Wurth, HYL, Tenova, Bonfiglioli.
Circulation Break-Up
Kolkata 2,000 West Bengal 3,000
Mumbai 2,500 Gujarat 800
Chennai 1,500 Delhi 1,500
Kanpur 800 Tamilnadu 2,100
Ludhiana 700 Karnataka 1,200
Bangalore 1,200 Punjab 700
Ahmedabad 800 U.P. 800
Nagpur 750 Bihar, Jharkhand & Chattisgarh 3,400
Jamshedpur 1,050 Orissa 1,250
Durgapur 500 Maharashtra 4,250
Bhilai 1,025 A.P. 1,500
Nasik 350    
Pune 650    
Hyderabad 850    
Bhubaneshwar 500    
Coimbatore 300    
Bokaro 1,000    
Burnpur 500    
Salem 300    
Delhi 1,500    
Rourkela 750    
Vizag 650    
Raipur 325    
  20,500   20,500
East 7,650 Europe 2,000
West 5,050 S.E. Asia 1,500
North 3,000 North America 500
South 4,800 South America 200
    Africa & MiddleEast 300
  20,500   20,500
Subscribers 20,600
Complimentary 500
Print Order 21,100
Readership 1,03,000
Readership (Category) In Perccent
CEO's / Directors 33.98%
General Managers 17.96%
Works / Project / Production Managers 6.60%
Purchase / Material Managers 12.42%
Marketing / Sales Managers 5.82%
Research / Scientists / Consultants 6.69%
Advisors 1.45%
Engineers (Mech / Metal / Chem / Civil) 8.25%
Educational Institutions 1.45%
Proprietors / Traders / Businessmen 1.45%
Ministry 0.48%
Others 3.39%
Iron & Steel Manufacturers / Traders / Process Centres 66%
Raw Material Suppliers, Equipment Manufacturer, Turnkey Management & Consultants 18%
Research Centre, Educational Institutions and Libraries 9%
Individuals 3%
Others 4%

Metal Asia

Published monthly from Kolkata, provides the latest coverage on the global metals and mining sectors with special emphasis on non-ferrous metals. The publication covers the entire gamut of ferrous and non-ferrous industries all over the globe, apart from iron and steel. Non-ferrous metals industries also have a large market and there exist a good number of domestic and foreign players.
The main industry segments covered under the fold of this magazine are Aluminium, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Tin, etc. which has large markets in India and also enjoys the same in the world arena. The prospect of these industries is good in the country and Metal Asia strives to serve these segments from the core.

The magazine also serves a good lot of traders and equipment manufacturers in the country and abroad who cater to the major manufacturers.
Metal Asia has also crossed the boundary of the Indian soil and reached out to the world. Among the regular subscribers and advertisers of this publication, there are prominent Indian names like NALCO, HINDALCO, BALCO, HCL, HZL, Sterlite Group and many more.

Casting Technology

Published bi-monthly from Kolkata, provides the latest coverage on the global foundry and casting sectors. If one deals with metals, the area that needs most of the attention is metals casting, the heart of the metal manufacturing process. The quality of the metal depends on how good the metal casting has taken place.

This is an entirely technology oriented subject and Casting Technology, a bi-monthly magazine, serves the needs of the entire technical aspects of metals casting.

Various technical papers, research results, papers related to technological advancements are published in the magazine apart from its regular sections on foundries and refractory manufacture, another very important area of metals manufacturing.
A number of Indian and foreign refractory manufacturers are regular subscribers to Casting Technology from where they get the latest information and also give regular advertisements on their products.

Steel Metals & Minerals International

Published annually from ISR Infomedia, Kolkata and distributed free to the subscribers of all the publications, Steel Metals & Minerals International has a niche of its own in terms of its diversity of subjects and presentation.

Backed by its expert, diligent and dedicated journalists along with other team members also rendering unique service for years to its readers all over the globe ISR Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as an example of credibility.