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Editorial Planner for the year

Iron & Steel Review

Month Topic Date of Closing Date of Publishing

January 2014
  • Metals & Minerals Processing
  • Steel Industry and Environment
  • Special & Stainless Steel
  • Hot & Cold Rolling, Galvanising & Annealing
25th December 28th January

February 2014
  • Iron & Steel Making Technology - Recent Trends & Outlook
  • Role of Automation in Steel Industry
  • Refining & Casting
25th January 28th February

March 2014
  • Year-end Special (Iron & Steel Industry)
  • Pelletisation & Benefication - Process & Technology
  • Material Handling & Transportaion
  • Rolling & Casting Technology & Process
25th February 28th March

April 2014
  • Structural Steel
  • EAF Steelmaking/HBI/DRI
  • Water Management in Steel Industry
  • Pre-show Report : AIST 2014
25th March 28th April

Special    A profile of Indian Steel Industry (Special Edition) Flyer   May

May 2014
  • Environmental-Friendly Green Technologies in Iron & Steel Making
  • Ferro Alloys Industry
  • Oil & Lubricants in Steel Plants
  • Pre-show Report : SEAISI
25th April 28th May

June 2014
  • Pre-Engineered Building (PEB)
  • Long & Flat Product Technology
  • Logistics & Infrastructure in Steel Industry
  • Galvanising & Strip Processing
25th May 28th June

July 2014
  • Long & Flat Products Technology
  • Report on Indian Steel Industry
  • Efficient Port Operations and Logistics Management for Metal Industry
25th June 28th July

August 2014
  • Refractories - Challenges & Opportunities
  • Clean Water Technology in Iron & Steel Sector
  • EAF Steel Making / HBI / DRI
  • Global Steel Consumption and Production
25th July 28th August

September 2014
  • Galvanising & Coil Coating
  • Public and Private Sector Steel Companies
  • The Future of Metals in Automotive Industry
  • Mineral Processing in Iron Ore, Benefication and Pelletisation
  • Ferro-Alloys Industry
25th August 28th September

October 2014
  • Rolling & Processing
  • Recycling Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Steel Technology Revolution
  • Environment & Pollution Control in Steel Industry
25th September 28th October

November 2014
  • Middle East Iron & Steel Focus
  • Continuous Casting Technology
  • Coil Coating & Galvanising
  • Infrastructure and Logistics in Iron & Steel Sector
  • Steel making Technology & Process
25th October 28th November

December 2014 Annual Issue of the Year:
  • Review of all Technologies and Markets in Iron & Steel World : Recent Iron & Steel Technologies, Ferro Alloys, EAF, Sponge Iron, Refractories, Casting & Rolling, Raw Materials, Material Handling and Processing, Electrical & Automation Technology Suppliers, Secondary Suppliers like, Graphite, Oil & Lubricants, PEB Construction, Minerals & Metals, Statistical Information & many more...
25th November 28th December

(The above are subject to change)
A publication of ISR INFOMEDIA PVT LTD

Metal Asia

Month Topic Closing Date Publishing Date

  • Aluminium Industry : New Technologies, Equipments and Upcoming Trends
  • NALCO - Company Profile
20th December 20th January

  • Special Focus on Bauxite and Alumina
  • Mining, Metals and Minerals - Enterprise and Industry
20th January 20th February

  • Aluminium Rolling and Extrusion Technology
  • Secondary Aluminium Industry
  • Material Handling
20th February 20th March

  • Primary Aluminium and Downstream Industry
  • Non-Ferrous Metals : Energy, Emissions and the Environment
  • HINDALCO - Company Overview
20th March 20th April

  • Global Aluminium Industry
  • Global Coal Markets
  • Vedanta - A Company Report
20th April 20th May

  • Aluminium Market : Analysis & Forecasting
  • Environmental Technologies for the Non-Ferrous Metals Industry
  • Electrics & Automation
  • Pre-Show Issue : Aluminium China 2014
20th May 20th June

  • Special Feature - Copper Industry
  • Aluminium Production and Consumption
  • Aluminium Die Casting
20th June 20th July

  • Latest Trends in Non-Ferrous Metal Application
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Indian Metalcasting Industry
20th July 20th August

  • Automation & Instrumentation for Metals Industry
  • Indan Aluminium Industry & its Market
  • Metal & Engineering Industries
  • Metals & Minerals Market Coverage
20th August 20th September

  • Pre-show Issue : Aluminium 2014 (Dusseldorf)
  • Aluminium Smelter : Technological Developments
  • Pre - Engineered Metal Building
  • Energy & Environment in Aluminium Industry
20th September 20th October

  • Metal Applications - Emerging Trends and Analysis
  • Global Non-Ferrous Metal Market
20th October 20th November

December Annual issue of the year:
  • Analysis of all Technologies, Developments and Market Trend in the World of Metal - Global Aluminium Industry and its Market, Technological Development in Metal Industry and its Challenges and Opportunities, Aluminium Rolling - (Process, Principles & Applications), Non-Ferrous Metals and its Application, Coal Mining and Processing, Non-Ferrous Metal Sector and Corporate Analysis, Bauxite and Alumina, Indian Mineral and Metal Industries etc.
20th November 20th December

* Above mentioned topics are subject to change

Steel Metals & Minerals International

Month Topic Date of Closing Date of Publishing
  • Recent Development in Iron & Steel Industry, Metals Industry - Past, Present & Future, Global Ferro Alloys, Mineral Processing & Beneficiation
15th September 28th October