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Iron & Steel Review

April 2014

A Complete Metal Magazine

March 2014

A Publication on Castings

July - December 2011

A Magazine on Metals & Minerals

Yearly Publication
The Iron and Steel business has gone global. One cannot simply thrive without a thorough understanding of the ever changing market dynamics. It has been the endeavor of Iron & Steel Review, a leading global magazine, to bring all about the iron, steel and related sectors to your doorsteps.

Published monthly from Kolkata and widely circulated across the globe, the magazine provides a wide range of data - statistical, top news stories, information and in-depth analysis of market dynamics, technology, products, processes, key industry players ........ its all there !!
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Editor & Managing Director: Mr. Santosh Mahanti

Editor's Corner

ISR INFOMEDIA, backed by its expert, diligent and dedicated journalists and other team members has rendered unique service for years to its readers all over the globe and has today emerged as an example of credibility.

Editor & Managing Director: Mr. Santosh Mahanti
General Manager: Mr. Gopal Ghosh
Manager - Sales & Marketing: Mr. Shyamalendu Banerjee
Sr. Production Supervisor: Mr. Dipak Adhikari

To manage tomorrow,
in Print & Online

gives you a complete understanding of the world of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, through vital information, valuable insights, newest trends and global perspective.

"We are media partner for all the metal Bulletin Seminars & Conferences world wide"

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National Seminar on

Challenges and Innovations in Mining, Mineral Processing & Ironmaking Technologies

Hotel Babylon International, Raipur, India, August 30th, 2013

Organized By:
ISR Conferences & Services

In Association with:
Department of Metallurgical Engineering, National Institute of Technomogy, Raipur

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